Dauphin County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency - Dauphin County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Dauphin County, Pennsylvania

Vernon Land Use was a member of a project team retained by the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA) to update Dauphin County, Pennsylvania’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. Tasks included serving as the consultant point of contact for Dauphin County; updating the hazard mitigation plan in current PEMA Standard Operating Guide format; and conducting outreach to all Dauphin County municipalities to ensure complete municipal participation in the plan update. Outreach methods included public meetings, telephone, e-mail, and one-on-one meetings. The plan update included particular focus on Pennsylvania state agency participation to leverage and maximize county and state capital hazard mitigation planning efforts. Worked extensively with Dauphin County’s Steering Committee established for the project to guide overall plan development.